Voice Teacher Reacts to Hua Chenyu – I Am What I Am

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Hua Chenyu as we continue on with his
journey back on The Singer in 2018. I’m excited. This is episode 12. We only have
a couple more episodes to go but I’m also eagerly anticipating his return to
The Singer here in 2020 and we’ll be reacting to those performances as well.
This is “I Am What I Am”. Let’s jump right in. Beautiful. Wow! This is so different than what we’ve
seen in other songs. I mean, sure, there have been sections where he has
presented a song in such a manner. I know we’re just a few notes in, but this is
giving me a jazz feeling of this song. The beautiful piano runs that are going
on there, beautifully sung. Just right in the
middle of his chest voice, standing right in the center of the stage here. So well
received already. This song is beautiful and it’s already
touching me. The beautiful piano accompaniment I love. But, I did listen to
the original by Leslie Cheung and I realize now after researching him just
a bit what a superstar he was and continues to be, especially in the Asian
region of the world. I believe I saw a list that ranked him like third in
international superstars ever with like the likes of Michael Jackson and Elvis
and a number of other just huge names that we all know and love and appreciate
for their artistry. He left our world way too soon in a tragic way, devastating his
fans, friends, and family and so the lyrics of this song really touched me
because I really now know of the inner turmoil that artist was going through –
even though this was such a huge song for him. And the lyrics are the exact
opposite of someone going through a depression but that’s oftentimes what we
see with people that are going through a depression is that we don’t know the
inner turmoil. His friends and family knew a bit about it but I think his fans
were kind of in the dark on that. So, these lyrics are already getting to me. Beautiful. Hua Chenyu is singing this so well. Sorry to get this emotional but I, you
know, reading about the original artist, Leslie, again I know that he struggled a
lot with the media wanting to know about his sexuality and that’s something that
is really hard for a lot of people that are not heterosexual in the world to
deal with especially when they’re in the public eye like this. And I know he lived
in Hong Kong which I believe at the time was was pretty progressive but I do know
the struggle that so many people go through and this song just touches me so
much when I think of that and then seemed a beautiful job that Hua Chenyu
is doing of this particular song. Just legitimately singing every note of this
but from his heart, from his soul. So well-produced vocally but, you know just, I can
only imagine why he chose this song. You know he also now has several songs… You
know we we we reviewed “Fake Monk” and we saw the performance art that went on
there but then he did “Ordinary Path” and then now we’re to “I am what I am” and so
the progression of these three songs and now knowing some of his newer releases
that deal with mental health and just dealing with what we go through in life
or that many of us go through. I’m just so touched and really drawn to Hua Chenyu as an artist even more. This is gorgeous. He’s letting a lot of
his vowels migrate a little brighter and forward than he sometimes normally
does and this is just a nice full sound from him – beautifully produced – just
really nicely on the breath and he’s really just paying homage to this song
and this artist, in my opinion, through this so far. Because he is truly letting
the song speak for itself, the beautiful lyrics. I mean the lyrics are absolutely
gorgeous in this song and I believe that the original artist, Leslie Cheung, wrote
the music but there was a different lyricist even though that is misstated
in some of the things I’ve read even on The Singer Wikipedia page. But, still
gorgeous collaboration he did there, too, for this song and I’m really enjoying
Hua Chenyu’s arrangement of it. Just so beautifully done and beautifully sung. Beautiful! He is crescendoing through some of these
held notes. Just so beautifully done. That is really due to his stellar breath
control – just getting louder as the note progresses – and it is just touching my
heart today. This is gorgeous. So well done. This is so well done, you guys. I love
that more of the orchestra is coming in here to build this song dynamically and
drive it toward such a beautiful ending that I know that Hua Chenyu is going
to do for us. I am so touched by this performance. I’m so thrilled to be seen
it today. I feel honored. That was so beautifully done by a
superstar talent. I am so excited to see what he’s going to do on The Singer 2020.
The performances, and I know we have a couple more to go in 2018 and we’re
going to get there even though they’ll be possibly during the time that I’m
reviewing his current performances on the show. I’ve become such a huge fan of
him in just the past four and a half months. I can’t thank whoever told me
first about him enough and The Singer, in general. Of course, Dimash is how I got to
The Singer. So, I also appreciate those “dears” out there and the Dimash fans. And
I know the Dears in the Martians actually intersect a lot. There are
several of us that love them both and I am just so grateful to see so many of
their performances and on this wonderful show. This competition program is unique
in its character and so excellently produced. I’ve said that before but the
musicians – the orchestra members – the singers – the
backup singers when they’re in certain numbers – and then, of course, the stars
that they bring in to a headline the show and compete against each other,
which is an iota that what makes it truly unique in my eyes. But, such a
wonderful, excellent performance by an expert performer. Thank you all so much
for the support. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. It was heartfelt. If you did,
please click like and hit subscribe, leave me a comment down below, also share
on your social media if you enjoyed this or any of my other reactions and,
otherwise, I hope you all just have a great day.

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  1. Andy! I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but Hua is competing in The Singer 2020! Let's all look forward to come amazing performances from all the talent on the show this year. Honestly there is so much talent this year, Hua Chenyu is my favorite but Zhou Shen is a countertenor force to be watched out for!!
    Just realised you mentioned it numerous times in your reaction, sorry, I got excited

  2. Did you notice Hua Chenyu was dressed in a robe? Lesley Cheung dressed that way when he sang that song and that goes to show you the detail of Hua. The emotion emulating from Hua in this song is heart piercing. Beautiful performance!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hua only sings this song once a year at his Mars concerts. Thank you for your reaction it's so apparent that you love our HuaHua xoxox

  3. Hua Hua loved Leslie. Unlike his other rearranged performances on Singer, he didn't change a single note of this song. He never changes Leslie's songs. Feeling a bit off the beaten path himself, he can relate to Leslie's struggles. He's not gay, but he is different from many people. It moves him so to sing this song, that it often makes him cry. Me too. You too. Great reaction.

  4. Have some that I love for your reactions and is to know music from all the world. Now I want to know this artist and this deep song.

  5. I'm impressed with how you did extensive homework before you do the review. It's the hallmark of a good reactor. You are one of the very few reactors I subscribe to and will continue to follow. There are many great singers in Asia but I find Hua, Dimash and Sohyang are up there at the pinnacle. It's hard to supersede them in terms of vocal range, storytelling and performance.

  6. Great reaction, can u plz react to Park Ki Young – Yeonan Pier
    The performance is way too underrated and needs some major attention.
    Guys plz check it out for urselves if u haven't seen it already and upvote this comment, much appreciated

  7. I appreciate that you're so keen and professional in music. You found the background of this song before reaction. Your dedication to work deserves respect. This song Hua really sang every word with his soul from the depth. The emotional is so real. Beautiful and touching. It's always one of my favorite song although I love all of his songs. Thank you for your great reaction.

  8. Hi Profesor!!
    Please!! React to "el ansioso" of the magnificent mexican band "Grupo Marrano" 😎😎😎👌👌😍😍😍😍
    Thank You and please!

  9. Hoy pasé la tarde viendo tus reacciones, me encanta! Déjame decirte que tienes una nueva suscriptora.
    Reacciona a “Lupita D’Alessio – Inocente pobre amiga” por favor, te dejo el link https://youtu.be/_kcdfzX1aKQ

  10. I love your reacts and the opportunity to discover new singers and songs… Do you know Lara Fabian? She is from Québec, Canada… "Je suis malade" is one of her best songs.

    Thanks for your videos!

  11. This song is sad. Only song to me more sad is dad im home by him. It deals with domestic abuse and will definitely make a person tear up.This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for having the best in depth knowledge of the songs and for your great reactions!!!

  12. Can u please react to Natalia Lafourcade. I’ve been watching you for a while but I never really requested anything because Ik u always make the best choices, like this song

  13. recommend a great voice and it is Mexican, you will not regret it. Sheila " por cobardía" Sheilahttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf4SDlb3KXM
    🎥 SHEYLA – por cobardia – YouTube

  14. The story of Leslie Cheung is really sad and Hua Chenyu really likes this song and respects Leslie Cheung. So much that he didn’t rearrange anything and kept the original. I think if HuaHua doesn’t rearrange a song it really means something (to him), because normally he would rearrange a song even if he likes it, making it his own. Thanks for reacting on HuaHua! ❤️

  15. Hua was paying an homage to Leslie Cheung by wearing the bathrobe as it is said that Leslie sang it i this way and he had a difficult time as it was said that not being “straight” I China and you said Hong Kong, was very difficult.
    Hua did not rearrange the song.
    As it is said, the singers have to do different styles of songs in the competition.
    He will be on Ace vs Ace where the contestants have 24 hours to rearrange a song chosen for them. It is a good competition and THE NEXT has singers compete against famous singers.
    Thank you for your reaction time this and many songs, Hua has a “cry” in his voice. He had tears at the end.
    In his version (please react to FLAMMABLE AND EXPLOSIVE original by Chen Li and she does a great version, the day Hua sang it on THE SINGER, the lyricist of this song passed away so Hua wore a draped black outfit. And his performance was what the title of that song.

  16. Really like your reaction , very professional, especially you spent time digging into the background story of this song, we’ll done!!

  17. Thanks very much for your sincere reaction! Hua Chenyu said that this is his favourite song and Leslie Cheung was his idol. Hua sings this song at the end of each tour of his shows. Different from his other performances in The Singer, Hua did not rearrange this song, and he only used a piano as the accompaniment, also wearing a robe as Leslie did. It shows his respect to Leslie and this song. If you want to know more of Leslie work I recommend the Academy Award nominated movie Farewell My Concubine, that won the Palm D'or at the Cannes Festival in 1994, (Leslie won the best actor award), I recommend the Oscar Farewell nominated film My Concubine, which won Palm D'or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994. I also recommend another Hua song: "Fate Of Half A Lifetime": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcOb2P6HUJQ , this music video was made by Martians with the images from the movie Farewell My Concubine that matched the music perfectly. Who is singing in the clip is Karen Mok, a very famous singer and actress in China, Hua is a huge fan of hers and he composed the song for Karen without knowing her, the two became very close friends at the show The Next, and Karen asked for a song for Hua and he said he had done it a long time ago, Karen was very moved. There is a live version of Hua and Karen singing together: Hua Chenyu & Karen Mok "Fate of half a lifetime": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_OkaYbkdSU

  18. youtube sent me some React videos and I looked at them. You are the BEST. I also want to recommend you to watch "Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE". I am sure you will like it.

  19. Hola maestro sería maravilloso reaccionará a "Marinero de luces" Isabel Pantoja … le dejo el link https://youtu.be/JZJa1QEU7hE

  20. Hi Andy, you should React to Charles Bradley- Changes (soulful cover) it is definitely a tear jerker. Very powerful ❤️

  21. Dear Andy, thanks for a wonderful reaction to Hua Hua. I cried with you, what a heartfelt performance..
    I see you almost reach 100k subscribers. I was there in the beginning with you when starting Dimash. So well deserved Andy! Your channel is an absolute joy to watch and you the perfect host.
    So thank you, greetings from Lydia, The Netherlands

  22. Hey Andy, just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your honest and thoughtful reactions. You're doing it just right. Hence, even if I'm not going to fully watch a certain reaction, I always make sure to open them up and at least leave an upvote. I feel comfortable doing it, as every reaction I have watched (quite a few) was great and your quality is consistent. Keep it up and all the best!

  23. u have to rest to silvana estrada, she’s a mexican singer and her voice is really powerful, I like ur videos❤️ thanks 4 this videos

  24. I loved your reaction! Love that you care about background and context, react both emotional and observant at the technicals.. and yes, I also get very touched by this performance. Thank you!

  25. Hello! Can you please react to this video? The voice of this girl is unreal… https://youtu.be/i3ASIYixqUI
    Love your videos of 🇲🇽 bro!

  26. He is remarkable isn't he? He sang this as his opening to his last Mars concert acapella for most of the song. It was stunning and I sat there in that stadium shaking with emotion. Thank you for sharing these performances with your views!

  27. Profesor, vuelvo a sugerirle a la gran cantante argentina VALERIA LYNCH con su tema LA EXTRAÑA DAMA. Saludos.

  28. Hua Hua showed so much respect to his own idol, Leslie Cheung. This episode is when Hua Hua had gone through his life story using previous episodes, and had reached the stage where he had told the world he had accepted who he was, and was telling the world "I am what I am" (and I won't change). Stunning vocals, and emotion. 🌹 Great reaction again Andy.

  29. Thanks again for an informative and appreciative reaction. As one who loves both Dimash and Hua Chenyu, but does not have the professional music background, I love listening to knowledgeable analysis and learning new things about the technical side of singing. One of the reasons perhaps that there is such an overlap between Martians and Dears, is, perhaps, because both these performers, although very different have a special relationship with the music, and with their fans. It is when they are all together, the music, the listeners and the artist that the magic happens, a connection of the soul perhaps. You would be very interested I think in listening to some of Hua Chenyu's music from his concerts where he interacts with the fans between and during the songs. They feed off each other. By the way, his fans call him Bao-Bei (Baby in Chinese).

  30. Yes, Andy, we must never forget the production quality, musicianship and backing vocalists who help create such wonderful performances. 👍 We in the West can learn much from the respect these programmes show towards not only the performers, but the actual songs. 🌹

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