Voice Teacher Reacts to Pedro Infante – Cien Años

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Pedro Infante as he performs “Cien Anos” or “One Hundred
Years”. Let’s jump right in. Love the intro here just setting the
mood for us. His voice is like
velvet and playing the guitar. I love when someone can play and sing for
themselves. It’s just an added layer of musicality and it really takes a lot of
dexterity there, with your brain especially, having to sing – think about
the singing – (perform the singing) and then also do the playing. You all see it so much
that you really might not think about how truly difficult it is to play an
instrument and sing at the same time. I am so impressed with him. The first song
I reacted to and his voice just takes me right back there just in these first few
notes. Truly beautiful. Perfectly placed vowels. Let’s dive into an English translation
of the lyrics for just a moment, “On hundred years. You pass by my side very
indifferently, not even your eyes turned around to look at me.
I saw you but you didn’t see me. I talked to you but you didn’t hear me and all my
sadness drowned inside me.” I love the vibrato that comes into his
voice especially at the ends of some of the notes just showing us that he sings
truly free of any tension in the walls of his throat. But, the vowels – while they
do migrate around just a bit – are still just so perfectly placed. Flowing out of
him on such stellar breath control. His voice amazes me. I know my so many of you
love him so much and are huge fans. The lyrics go on to say, and I’m not sure if
we’re an exact sync with them, but they say, “my whole life
aches knowing that you forgot me thinking that not even disdain I deserve
from you.” He has such beautiful phrasing here.
Truly emoting the meaning of these lyrics. They finish out to say, “And
nevertheless, you are still attached to my existence and if I live on hundred years, one hundred
years I will think of you,” and then the lyrics go on to repeat. Such a stellar
talent he was. Wow. One hundred years… He has such a rich baritone quality to his
voice. I truly enjoy it. Just lush. This is truly
beautiful. What a gorgeous song with wonderful
lyrics and I just love the tone quality of his voice, as I mentioned, such a nice
baritone vocal sound there and you could just tell he was a wonderful performer.
This is truly impressive. How he let that note there. Let that vibrato creep in there. So beautifully done. And he let the dynamics
grow there and then pulled it back. That just shows that control there, a nice messa di voce, is the musical term. I love that
held note there he just let it flourish just a bit dynamically. Wow, I just love
this song. A nice scene for what I assume is a
movie here and he’s doing such a great job in the role that he’s portraying. But,
it’s the musicality of this song and his gorgeous voice that striking me so much
and just truly impressing me. What a phenomenal talent he was. Gorgeous. A truly beautiful song by a
stellar musician with a beautiful voice. I am so impressed with this. Thank you
all to those of you that were patient with me. You kept mentioning his name again and specifically this song and it’s
truly gorgeous. I now know why so many of you are fans of this particular song. I
hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit subscribe,
leave me a comment down below, and, as always, have a great day.

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  2. Hi! Please now react to Carlos Rivera. He's a mexican singer who sings the spanish version of Remember Me from Disney Pixar's Coco.

  3. Hola por favor podrías reaccionar a la canción de deja que salga la luna de Pedro Infante 🌹es muy muy hermosa muchas gracias 🌹

  4. I grew up watching his movies. He was a great actor. He had a charismatic personality that just pulled you in. You should watch his movies some will make you laugh and others cry. Who doesn't remember him crying for torito!

  5. Gracias por sus comentarios aprendemos y nos divertimos lindo ser humano es ud, además me ayuda a practicar mi inglés. Bendiciones 💕🌹🥰

  6. Grande entre los grandes, recuerdo que veía sus películas en con mis abuelos, cuando era un pequeño niño, que bonitos recuerdos

  7. Pedro Infante will always be one of Mexico’s best. I still watch his movies. Whenever you have time check out the live performance of El Viajero (The Traveler) from Luis Miguel and La Fiesta Del Mariachi (Mariachi’s party).

  8. Esa era la época de oro de México si no me equivoco, con excelentes cantantes como Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, y muchos mas, entre ellos muchas mujeres.

  9. If you go to streets of Mexico specially near the zócalo You can hear people with their old aparats probably from the 20's or something like that reproducing that particular song most of the time

  10. https://youtu.be/kHEhw0DTwnw acá puedes escuchar a ambos Pedro infante y Jorge Negrete, sería grandioso ver cómo reaccionas a los dos

  11. In mexico to bvb this day its customary to serenade a love interest ..it's called Serenata…and this is what he is doing. Thank bbn you bnb for yhis post. GOD BLESS.

  12. Este cantante también es uno de los grandes se lo recomiendo es Miguel Alcides Jiménez es también mexicano https://youtu.be/LLPekLFTBz4

  13. Hola, maestro. Amo sus videos, son muy buenos.
    Would you please react to BRONCO, SI TE VUELVES A ENAMORAR ? I love Bronco so much. I'm in love with Lupe Esparza.❤️

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    Greetings of Ecuador
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