Voice Teacher Reacts to So Hyang (소향) – You Raise Me Up

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to So Hyang as she performed back in 2018 on
the Immortal Songs 2 competition. This has been requested by so many of you and
I’m eager to hear her version of “You Raise Me Up”. Let’s jump right in. Wow! What a beautiful intro there with her
singing on some nice “ahh” vowels. Beautiful accompaniment with the traditional flute
there and she looks amazing. I’m so excited to hear this. You guys. She is truly amazing. I am drawn
in by her performance every time. But, this one is truly special already. Oh my
goodness. You know, she is just showing her stellar control of her voice already
as well even in the lower part of her range there when we’re starting the verse. It ascends up into a bit of her chest voice maybe a mixed quality she’s giving
there just for dynamic purposes – the loudness, if you will – that she wants to
give at this point in the song. She is such a superstar. Oh my gosh. Wow! I hate to even pause it there but you
heard what she did on seas there – crescendoed just a bit and then pulled
back. A beautiful use of Messa di Voce, a truly advanced vocal skill. She is
just so good you guys. I love her voice and her performances every time and this
one is no different. Oh my gosh! She turns these songs on their heads
every time with an awesome arrangement. Such a beautiful transition for more of
a ballad style to now we’re getting into that bit of a gospel feel already and I
love the use of re-entering there in the segue with that recorder flute, if you
will. This is so well done! Love that Gospel Choir! You guys, her use – and I’ve said it
different times – Her ability to switch between wide, chest
voice vowels and quality to that mix to flipping up in the head – you just don’t
understand and maybe you do – but I’m gonna tell you. The necessary changes in
what musculature you use to make all of that happen is so impressive that she
can do it all on us within one phrase. She is phenomenal.
This lady is one of the best singers in the world. Great use of dynamics. You guys. I’m sorry I stopped before the
end of that phrase. I hate it when I do that. But she is just so impressive. Her
use of different dynamic contrast as well. From soft sections to louder
sections, now we’re getting into that gospel vibe where there’s a bit of
staccato or syncopation in the rhythms. So Hyang. Yes. Great modulation section here. Great slide there! Look at them! Of course! That deserves a standing
ovation from everyone. You could tell their amazement in the audience and I am
no less amazed. You guys, she makes my love of music grow every time I see a
video of hers. I’m just dumbfounded. She gives us everything in the vocal toolbox. A lot of times, I describe to my students the different colors and uses of
different volumes, different timbres, a number of things we can do differently
with our voice as an artist’s palette, if you will, and there are times when we
want to just color within the primary colors. A chest voice sound, a louder
section, some mix quality, a head voice, some softer singing. She mixes her colors
so well and paints such a beautiful portrait for us with every bit of vocal
tools that she has to offer in every single performance. It is just truly
truly impressive and I love hearing her sing and seeing her performances
especially on this show. Such a great orchestra, a great crowd – they’re so
appreciative. Wow. I hope you all enjoyed this reaction as much as I enjoyed
seeing the video. If you did, please click like and hit subscribe, leave me a
comment down below, click the bell so you know when I’m releasing new content. I’ve
also left a link to my Ko-fi account if you would like – gonna be offering some
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great day.

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  2. I hear that she was actually very sick with pneumonia during this performance, the doctors told her not to perform and she went against their wishes. That's even more incredible!

  3. I always enjoy watching you react to Sohyang Andy! She's not my favorite singer in the world for nothing. And it's not only her incredible vocal talents, but the spirit that she brings with it. She is an incredibly intelligent, creative, talented and beautiful in every way. Thanks for the great reaction Andy!!!

  4. Congratulations for the 100.000 subscribers! Thats one of my favorites SoHyang performances.
    I want to suggest a reaction to Polina Gagarina, from "singer 2019", one of the best voices and emotional singer i ever heard!

  5. Finally got to see your reaction to Sohyang's 2018 You Raise Me Up. Your eyes went wide at the intro really set the tone for this video. I admit I pretty much has the same reaction – just completely captivated 10 seconds into the intro, before even the start of the song itself. Sohyang's mastery of her performance is on full display here. Vocal techniques to Sohyang, as you noted, are but the instruments to create her artistic vision in each performance. It was hard to sit still when watching this masterpiece. Great video. Hope to see you again soon.

  6. Thank you for this in-depth reaction of an outstanding performance. What a voice and delivery. I really enjoy looking at different version of this most played Norwegian(!!!) song ever. Rolf Løvland composed it around 2000, was only known in Norway until Josh Groban made it famous all over the world some years later. The good thing about the song is that you can interpret the meaning of the song in so many ways. Some people think the support is some religious support, some think it is support of your parents or grandparents, others the support of your spouse.

  7. Hi Andy! Please please react to SODA STEREO PROFUGOS 2007! You'll wanna do SODA every time. Regards from Argentina!

  8. Hello Andy!! Please react to Sandro, is a very popular and great Singer from Argentina.
    Sorry for my english!! Thank You!!

  9. andy love your sohyang reactions because i love her,she has many a great performance on the king of the mask singer but these performances are on vimeo with eng subs be careful with copywrite issues.I like Dimash but i feel more soul from Sohyang.enjoyed the legends from mexico have a great day

  10. SoHyang was suffering from Pnuemonia and advised by her doctor to not perform for this show. You can heard the difference where she has to breath. She breaths in places she normally would not have to. With that said, still better than 99% of the other singers out there.

  11. ❤️❤️❤️ She is truely mind-blowing and amazing!! A queen of singers ! I never gets tired of listening to Sohyang's blessed voice! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Thank you for your reactions! You are always giving your best to listen to amazing singer and even to know the context of of their songs.
    I recommend you her performance of 'Where are you', that is very emotional.

  13. She was told by the doctor not to sing in this particular show as she was still not recovered from pneumonia (terrible illness for a singer) but she didn't want to let the audience down. I cant even begin to think what her performance would've been like if she had been in good health!!!!

  14. Master, if you like women with impressive vocal records, I think you should react to MÓNICA NARANJO, singing "Europa" "Sobreviviré" or "Vivir así es morir de amor" It is amazing how she use her voice, She could do with it what she wanted.
    Fantastic vídeo Master

  15. This is absolutely my favorite of hers! So glad you got to see this one yourself. There's something about this one that just makes me so inspired and heart-warmed.

    I'd love to see your reaction to her singing "Home"

  16. Hola Andy, me encantas!!!! la chica extraordinaria de otro mundo…!!!! pero lo que mas adoro son tus reacciones, eres muy tierno!! Bendiciones!!! saludos desde Cuernavaca MORELOS MÉXICO

  17. At that time. Unfortunately Sohyang had a Pneumonia. So doctor said "Do not speak or sing till you have a good condition"
    But she could have had a competition (Immortal Song) and sung this song.
    She was sick and tired. But she did make it!
    And everyone was touched by her song. Me either.
    She is one of the greatest singer in the world definitely.
    Thank u for your reaction. : )

  18. You raise me up, Sohyang!
    I'm always so happy to hear your beautiful voice.

    Thank you so much for your emotional analysis and reaction.
    Totally I agree with you.
    She is just amazing. I'm speechless. I can only say wow.
    Have a nice day.
    Please more react to Sohyang.

  19. This is my favourite So Hyang performance. She only did this version for this show, other times she sings it normally, but here it's like an entire theatre production all in one song. She does everything in this performance.
    She had only just got out of hospital after a bout of phenomena.

  20. Andy, I love your honest and unaffected comments and explanation. You hit it on the head for me. Ever since I found Sohyang, my enjoyment of music has grown and grown. It's like she opened a door into my heart for her and other musicians to enter.

  21. I enjoy your enthusiasm and joy during this review. I agree So Hyang is special and should be cherished and loved for her singing, but I think she is even more special for being such a good person who can be so successful but still care so much.

  22. Just so you now… she had pneumonia here. She saw a Dr. at the hospital before performing and was told NOT TO SPEAK, but she pushed ahead and was able to do this, with weak lungs, and a bad throat.

  23. Beautiful voice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Thank you Andy for reacting to this beautiful song ❤️. Blessings.

  24. Thank you Davis~
    This video is the most interesting.
    I requested the reaction of Sohyang, few days ago and finally i can see your emotional reaction~!! Thank you!!
    If you Ok, Plz see another sohyang song~~~♥

  25. 9:55 That's such a nice compliment, not just what you said but how you said it. Sohyang would be comforted to know that all of her effort and perseverance to continue to sing brings blessing to others.

  26. Your joy is infectious, Andy! You say the most with your body language, and facial expressions; you don't just listen to a song, you LIVE it! That's great!

  27. La mejor artista a nivel vocal actualmente del planeta 🌏
    Nadie en lo absoluto, tiene la voz tan angelical, sutil y delicada como So Hyang.
    Y su calidad de registro es brutal, súper amplio, no hay nada que ella no pueda hacer, esta es mi presentación favorita de la gama en presentaciónes de ella.

  28. Amazing❤️ Love your reactions of her! I hope you will react to her "Dream" performance on DMC festival (2015) as well.

  29. from what i know, So Hyang likes to watch people react to her videos as it encourage her to do more. I hope she watch this reaction….

  30. Hi, Mr. Andy~ You didn't cry this time. Why? ㅋㅋㅋ I cry whenever I listen to this song…I like your reaction and thank you for always explaining in easy English slowly….

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