WebEOC training: An Introduction to Version 8

This video will cover the differences between
WebEOC 7.8 and WebEOC 8.0 as we transition to the new version. On the login screen of WebEOC 7.8, you would
input your username and password. You would then click the ok button. This would bring you to the next screen where
you would select a position and an incident and click ok. On the next screen you would input your additional
login information. Clicking the ok button would change the page
to a “logged in” page, and a pop up window on the left appears where you can access boards
listed for your position. In the old version, boards listed in red would
indicate new data has been added. Clicking on a board would open it in a new
window where you could view or input information. When you were finished working in a board,
you would close the window. To log off, you would click the “log off”
button here, and your boards window would close. Now we will cover the new features of WebEOC
8.0. The web address will still be webeoc.azdema.gov. The first screen for the new version of WebEOC
is a policy statement. Click accept and you will be brought to the
login page where you will input your username and password just as you did in the previous
version. Your username and password will remain the
same in this version. Click log in and choose your position and
incident from the dropdown lists. Click continue and fill out your additional
login information if it is not already pre populated from your last log in. Both of these steps have remained the same
in the new version. Once you have finished filling out your information,
click continue. This will bring you to the home page for WebEOC
8. The home page will show any system wide messages
that have been sent out under notifications. On the top left, you will see the username
that you logged in with, the logout button, and the position and incident you are logged
in to. To change your position or incident, click
the box and select the position from the dropdown list. Click the question mark to open up a new window
where you can access information on getting started, using boards, menus, etc. In WebEOC 8, boards are no longer located
in a separate window. Boards are now located on the home page. Click here to expand the new control panel
and access boards. The blue star to the left of the name of a
board indicates new data, which was shown with red text in the old version. There are two different ways that you can
open a board. If you click on the name of the board, it
will open it in the same window. If you would like to open additional boards,
access the control panel again and click on the board you want to open. Each new board opened will be listed as a
tab on the top page. You can also open boards in separate windows
as you did in the old version of WebEOC. Access the control panel and then click on
the arrow next to the name of the board that you wish to open. Clicking this arrow will open the board in
a new window. When you are finished with this board, close
the window. Once boards are open, you can access them
by switching between the tabs across the top of the page. You can open as many boards as you would like
and use the arrows on either side of the tabs to scroll through. You can also click the arrow on the top right
corner to view a list of your open boards and switch between them by clicking on the
board you want to go to from the dropdown list. To close a board, click the X on the tab for
the board that you wish to close. To get back to the home page, click the home
symbol on the left side of the tabs bar. When you are finished with WebEOC, click the
logout button in the top left hand corner. In WebEOC 8, the same tabs you have open when
you logout will automatically open next time you log in with that same position title. If you have any questions or concerns regarding
the new version of WebEOC, you can contact DEMA WebEOC Support at 602-244-0504 or send
an email to [email protected]

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