Welcome to George Mason University

>>Alright, so the very first question is. [Laughter] [Laughter]>>I’m Vietnamese.>>I’m a Pakistani-American.>>I am Salvadorian.>>I am undocumented or a Dreamer.
Whatever you want to call it.>>I’m from Taiwan.>>I’m from Ypsilanti, Michigan.>>I’m from Kansas.>>I’m so Irish. Can you tell?>>So I am a practicing Muslim.>>I am Catholic.>>I am non-religious.>>I’m Buddhist.>>I am an atheist.>>I am a Christian.>>I tend to be a Republican, but that could change. We’ll see.>>I would say I am more liberal than
conservative.>>Uh..>>I prefer men.>>I identify as queer.>>I’m straight.>>That’s complicated.>>I am passionate about dancing. Any sort of of Latin music is good for me.>>I love going to the gym.>>So I read everything from novels to comic books.>>I’m a weightlifter and a basketball
player.>>I am a veteran.>>I’m part of the Green Machine here at Mason.>>I do improv theater.>>In high school I ran a 4.4 40. So…>>I am a good cook.>>I live off ramen noodles.>>I’m a huge breakfast fan. I love breakfast food. It’s just I don’t wake up
early enough to eat breakfast.>>I was late to the party, but now I’m ahead. [Laughter]>>I have a
love-hate relationship with Starbucks.>>I am going to try and drink less coffee. But see, if I say 2. I can say about, 2 cups of coffee a day. Right? Right.>>Oh, I’m a bad swimmer.>>I’m not a natural blonde.>>Really?>>[whispers] Yeah. [Laughter]>>I am proud to be a father.>>I’m proud of
what I’ve done for my community.>>I think one of the advantages that Mason has is
that we are bringing a community together that is reflective of this
world this world, the entire world. So this is the opportunity to soak all
of that in. To meet folks that are different from you. That don’t look like you,
that don’t speak the same language as you do. That may have grown up in a
different situation, in a different state, a different environment. To have
conversations with people that are going to bring a different perspective.
And those will be the ones that will enrich you the most. They will challenge you the most. They
will sometimes make you upset, frustrated, but also get you thinking about things
differently from your world view or your perspective. And that experience will
make you stronger and better as a person and I think will really enhance not only
your college experience, but the rest of your life, as well.>>I am known to laugh in my sleep. [Laughter]>>Wow, that sounded weird.>>I hate the phrase “on fleek.”>>I’m confused by people who take pictures of
their food.>>I take pictures of my food.>>Ahhh. I’m gonna think of some positive ones. [Laughter]>>I don’t like when people use the word illegal for people.>>Stereotypes, intolerance, making assumptions of people. Really something that bothers me. You should take time to listen to folks
and get to know them before we assume or stereotype them. I have a disability.>>I am diabetic.>>I’m the first generation in my family to go to college.>>I speak five
different languages.>>I want to become an entrepreneur.>>I am a future, feature film maker.>>I’m a published author.>>I am an incoming

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