We’ve Got Something for You at The University of Alabama Libraries

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The University of Alabama is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service. At the heart of that mission is the University Libraries System where the campus community comes to learn, think, and create. The Staff will help guide you through our collections with local collection, online resources, and membership based collections we provide access to over 20 million items. Millions of additional titles can be accessed through our inter-library loan service. The University Libraries are also building an Institutional Repository of scholarly resources and publications created by the University community. Hoole Special Collections includes items ranging from rare books to historical manuscripts, maps, and photos. The University Libraries offer a range of space, from research and quiet study to hubs for creation, collaboration, and conversation. Librarians partner with instructors to help students develop the skills they need to research and create. Our program hosted over nine hundred sessions reaching more than 20,000 students in 2018. From conception to completion, the University Libraries hosts hundreds of resources for the creation of digital content. Our computers are equipped with software for any creative endeavor including video editing, music production graphic design and advanced statistical and engineering applications The University Libraries also offer a wide array of equipment such as camcorders, audio gear, and lighting, as well as specialized sound recording spaces and the staff at the Sanford Media Center are available to provide instruction and support through every step of the process. The Alabama Digital Humanities Center offers a unique space for scholars in the humanities, arts, and social sciences to collaborate. With the 3D tools available at the University Libraries, students can scan objects into 3D space, and use modeling technology to create designs of their own to print in the Libraries’ 3D printers, or explore in virtual reality using the Libraries’ Oculus Rift Whether you are looking for the foundation to scholarly research or the base to launch your latest project, the University of Alabama Libraries have something for you.

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