My name is Jacky. This is going to be another vlog! Today’s the first day. I’m gonna be recording a week at Ryerson. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Alright, see you! [30 minutes before] [Music] If you guys aren’t already
subscribed, make sure you subscribe down below right now for more content! Alright, let’s go! [Music] Just arrived at the subway station, and now we’re gonna take the train! [Music] Hey guys! So we’re at Ryerson campus. This is Yonge Dundas Square and we’re gonna head to my first class which is the programming class. It’s in the engineering building. Alright, we’ll see you guys there! Alright, guys so now we’re at the ENG building! My class is on the lower floor so we’re gonna take the stairs down. [Music] So this is my first class. [Music] So I’m done my class now, moving on to math! [Music] welcome people their holiness so I have linear algebra now it’s it’s in the
same building but different rooms so we’re going there now it’s in a big
lecture hall there’s like 200 students in there hey guys it’s a vlog yeah yo yo
what’s good maybe hey what do you want to say
exactly all right guys just waiting on top right now but look what the calm
side people do all the time yeah yo we’re done that guys Hey look who’s here we’re in the
Angela’s right now alright guys so I just finished all my classes for the its
today so now I’m going to the gym The Wrap okay so we’re now heading into the
rackets near Quahog okay so now we’re entering off-the-rack right now it’s
pretty old building but it’s fine it’s okay they’ll have the machines over here
and here’s fitness gym in the lower level and the top field there’s two
basketballs for taxi and on this side on the left here we have two squash courts
so basically I’m here today because I’m gonna go swimming need to practice my
swimming skills so yeah so I’ll see you guys when I’m done so I just went finish
going swimming so I’m gonna be leaving the rack now and grabbing some food
all right let’s go hey guys see just on my feed here I’m actually gonna go to
the SLC to eat because why not it’s always like to stop going on here
at SLC all right I’m probably just gonna go on the 6th floor that’s where like
the main people hang out I’ll just take the elevator so actually switch to the 8th floor
because the 6th floor is really full so the 8th floor the Cachola area and SLC
is like not too loud but there’s like cables to work and studying so I have my
laptop over here awesome question you guys asked me through the last video the
first question you have what are you studying and what year are you
well you guys didn’t know I’m second year studying computer science
how is a computer science program programming on that you got our catch up
with the work and can’t slack off otherwise is like get some fine work how
is the student lifestyle at Ryerson comprising its downtown you can access
like anything within like walking distance there’s like there’s an Eaton
Center right across the street a lot of food places was like kind of expensive
compared to other universities are definitely a different environment how
many hours of classes do you have her we have two to three classes per day five
days a week of school and every classes like one or two hours for me legally I
guess it’s 30 hours and studying per week I basically only study on the
weekend and some weekdays but not Friday nights like the other weekday nights
because Friday nights is for like party you know like
engine stops is there a lot of work in your program there’s not a lot of work
but you just have to keep up with it like these processes in-house like
something you have to do curly placed a minute per week and I set off five
doctors a minute five assignments per week
sweet I’m here is like when you’ll have cost is free time so you could do
assignment you can go hang out with friends do whatever you want
yeah what type of a laptop do are you currently using the VCC Zenbook go keep
asking me what marches do need to get it admission average changes every year but
for my year it was mid 80 in high school just keep up just keep studying you
should be fine you got to be much what languages are you learning and do you
need prior programming or coding experience in my year we learn Python
our second programming person first year we learn Java and then now we’re
learning to see you don’t need coding experience but like make sure you
practice and practice and practice so that’s all I have for today to acuity alright guys that wraps it up for day 1
of the vlog hope you guys enjoyed it so far and stay tuned for more see it mom

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