1. When I was in high school my goal was to study in NYC and now I study in my country but still I want to visit New York.

  2. I'm finishing up my last semester of undergrad and it feels amazing! (and insanely stressful) I'm studying English and Philosophy

  3. You two inspire me to finally get my travel plans into motion!
    Barely found your channel and you guys are great!
    Oh and I’m currently an Environmental Science major!

    Safe travels 😃

  4. Ya'll anyone can visit my university! Well that's because it's a public university lol. Currently on my 3rd year for my bachelors degree in GEOGRAPHY in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. And what those that mean??? TRAVEL THE WORLD!!! Please visit Puerto Rico!!!!! love you guys! besos

  5. I studied Korean language and culture for one year in Paris and the school was such a dump that i just left to go to Korea..4 years later, i'm a International Studies junior in Seoul ! ^^ (i've been binging on your channel all day long, i think i'm in love)

  6. i am in college double majoring in korean and english 😀 korean will be my 4th language and i might take up spanish next year cuz of you guys :))

  7. In GA sadly wishing I could study in my home state NY, trying get this medical degree 😬and minor in photography 🤙🏼

  8. Omg what is this im polish and im watching the video in english but the music is in polish so it took me until 4m in to realize its polish like my brain didnt register wow

  9. you guys are such an inspiration I love all of your content!!! I study electronic media and communications with a minor in media strategy.

  10. @DamonAndJo you know that in the background is Polish song ?! Maybe new language or trip destination ?

  11. I studied linguistics and Korean in undergrad! And now I'm in grad school on grant money studying speech language pathology! The debt struggle from undergrad is real.

  12. Nova York me parece um sonho de vida, eu faço faculdade de ciências no brasil, no interior do estado de são paulo e queria muuuito fazer um intercâmbio mas como é muito caro, 0 chances de acontecer até os próximos 4 anos, depois quem sabe!!!!!!

  13. I'm going to university for a double major in Public Relations and Mass Communications! I'm studying at the University of South Carolina, but I did a study abroad at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Honestly, already looking at studying abroad again…wish me luck

  14. 8:25 i literally screamed because my friends and i crash studied for our first finals week at the whole foods second floor and we're probably gonna do it again in June

  15. In college for archaeology and psychology, transferring to university. So excited to finish…in a few years, lol. Part time school, super fun.

  16. Do you think that your school had an excellent/average/bad study abroad program compared to other schools? I am looking at colleges and am 100% interested in studying abroad. Also do you have any tips on finding schools with good study abroad programs? I love your videos so much & hope to become as successful as you guys 🤩

  17. Still have 2 years left in college! I go to Arizona State University and studying Environmental Design! 🙂

  18. I was thinking about going to Pace… then I saw the tuition cost and flaked LMAO I now go to Hunter College in NYC!! In the top honors program here (full scholarship woot), studying nursing, and I really want to go to Japan, maybe as a study abroad :0 I really want to try and learn a second language, but it depends on whether I can fit the classes into my schedule T_T You two are so inspirational and look like you're experiencing so many things other's haven't even thought about!! Wishing you all the best 😀

  19. "Jeden gościu nawet poleciał z balkonu" 😂🇵🇱 Which polish song is it?! [the begining of the video]

  20. Somebody in that dorm is Colombian!! And omg I went to grad school very nearby! I’ve walked by there all the time I’m wondering if I could see myself in the background!! Lol and NY IS beautiful!! Just not while under construction (and something is always under construction 😂) he architecture in the financial district is so historic and beautiful

  21. I’m currently studying interdisciplinary bachelor in health sciences (IB in health sciences) in a public federal university here in Brazil! Dying to transfer to IB in Arts tho! LOVE YOU! ❤️

  22. I'm like super late, but I studied Writing. I went to college for 6 years(off and on). I finally dropped out with 18 credits left 😶

  23. Hey lovelies ! I study industrial design at PRATT . That video was basically a flashback of me yesterday . At last , u knw u bring positivity and happiness in our lives . But I wanna knw the real you . Make a video on urself like about you literally . I knw ur like NEEEXT . NAMASTE! btw m waiting for u guys to go to INDIA .

  24. I am currently in my last year of my course, ITEps (International teacher education for primary school), and I will actually be going to Australia in like half a year to have my last internship over there!!:O I am actually planning to document my time over there, do you guys have any tips for me?

  25. I am a Drama and Film major with a certificate in Sexuality and Gender Diversity. 2 and a half more years to go!!!!!!

  26. socorro, estou pesquisando faculdades em ny pra me inscrever e me interessei pra caramba em pace, e aí eu descubro que vocês estudaram lá???? shook.

  27. I went to FSU in Tallahassee and graduated with a BS in International Affairs, it was very much the traditional college experience so seeing your experiences studying in New York is actually really interesting.

  28. I'm currently in graduate school getting my degree in counseling and found your videos while trying to plan my european travels after I graduate. I'm so glad I did! I'm now planning my dream solo trip to ireland and italy and learning italian a little bit at a time. You guys are seriously inspiring me with the languages!

  29. I just got all warm and fuzzy from 3:45–3:53 because that sounds like me projectile vomiting every ounce of hidden detail and fun facts and memories to anyone I am on this street with! I love this video !

  30. Im thinking of studying in New York I will get my tuiton completely paid for and I will get money every month for rent just for going to school plus I think I will enjoy studying at New York

  31. I go to pace now for English lit and philosophy and a minor in French and I probably never would have applied if I didn’t see this video omg

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