What Schools Don’t Teach | The Proctor Perspective | Bob Proctor

I’m frequently asked
about the school system and I think the school
system is good and bad. It’s like everything. I think schools as we know today, there’s some times I
feel bad that I didn’t go through school, go on to school. I think you develop a social
intelligence in University and higher sides of school
that you don’t develop if you don’t go there. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t. You can but I think that’s
really the major purpose behind higher education is you develop the social intelligence. You’re mixing with
intelligent people that are into great ideas from all over the world. Now, that being said, I
think school is falling far short of teaching what
they should be teaching us. I have two months formal
education, high school. I have been teaching how the mind operates and how it functions to psychiatrists, very, very competent psychiatrists. I had one man, Abdula,
come over from Saudi Arabia into our Matrixx program, it’s
a six-day program that we do and it’s for really moving
things on a higher level. And he was telling me he learned
more from me about the mind in six weeks than he’d learned
in 16 years of practice as a psychiatrist. I found that rather interesting. School teaches us very
little about ourself. We are locked into the
intellect in school. It’s important we get the degree. If I filled in an application form at IBM, I couldn’t get a job
washing floors because of my formal education. However, IBM will pay me more for one hour than they may pay some of
their managers for a month. I just come in through the back door. I don’t follow the orthodox system. I think we should start to
understand what education is. I think a lot of schools
don’t understand that. Education isn’t giving
a person information. Education is pulling out
what we’ve got within. I love the way Madam Montessori put it. She said, “We teach sending kids to school “like they’re a cup and
school’s going to fill “the cup with knowledge.” The truth is the cup is full. Schools should teach
us how to bring it out. See, education itself, the word
comes from the Latin educo, meaning to educe, to develop,
or to draw out from within. School teaches us nothing about ourselves. Schools teaches us nothing
about the law of compensation. Person leaves school, they have no concept of how to earn money. As a result, three
percent of the population earn all the money. 97% are scratching right
from the cradle to the casket and it’s too bad. They don’t have to. We teach people how to earn money. I think earning money is
one of the simplest things in the world to learn how
to do, but we must learn how to do it. There’s laws of compensation. They govern how much money you earn. We’ve got to learn that. If we don’t learn it, we’re
going to go through life, ya know, struggling. There should be no struggle. We’re God’s highest form of creation. Earning money should be a game and we should have more than we need. We should be able to hand
out and live and give and really live the good life. I think the school system
has a lot to learn. I had a lady that was a principal in the parochial schools here in the Toronto area and she loved what I was teaching. She came to a number of our seminars. Now, I’m going way back. This is probably in the 80’s. The school system had what
they called a live in. Her system where all the principals and heads in the education
would go away to a place north of Toronto for a weekend. No, for a week. It was a week and she was forever trying to get me on the program. I had a seminar I was teaching at the time that I taught over eight
weeks, eight evenings. I taught it at the Hyatt
Hotel in downtown Toronto. So each seminar was about
two and a half hours long. And there was eight of them. She really wanted to get me on
the program at this live in. So, finally, she did. I was going to go up there
Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday. I was giving them the whole program that we were selling at the time. I gave them a set of eight cassettes. I gave them a ring binder
with the complete text of all the lessons we’re teaching and I gave them the whole thing. There was over 100 of them. Didn’t charge them a dime. I had to drive from the
Southeast part of Toronto to about one hour north of Toronto and I had to be there by seven. I was working in a hotel
in the southeast part with the Toronto real estate board and I couldn’t leave til 4:00. So between four and seven,
I had to get through the Toronto city traffic and
get away up north of Toronto where they were doing this. So it was a real hustle. I mean, I was moving. I got there. I worked Thursday night. Friday morning, she was very embarrassed. She phoned and told me they
didn’t want me to come back. I guess I was causing them to
feel just very uncomfortable and I always thought that was too bad. But, I wasn’t surprised. What do I think of the school system? I think it’s lacking in
very important information. I think it’s lacking in
very important information. People leave and they know
very little about themself and unfortunately, a lot of
them leave up to here in hawk that they’ve paid to go to school. They got their degree
and they can’t find work. We have to learn how to
utilize the God-given abilities that we’ve got and school, I think, is a good place to teach. Now, we should be teaching it at home. I have attempted to with my kids. If they just taught us
how to make decisions. I’ve never made a decision for my kids. I never made a decision for my kids. They’re going to make them on their own. It was a tough thing
for them but, ya know, they grew up knowing
how to make decisions. Most people don’t know
how to make a decision. What do you think I should do? And they’re not looking
for you to help them with the decision. They’re looking for approval. Why, because they don’t
have enough confidence in what they’re doing. It’s part of our educational system. I think it’s got to improve. Now, mind you, I think it will. I think it will ’cause I think everybody’s becoming more aware of
who we are, what we are, and what we’re capable of doing.

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