What to bring to University

It’s the last week before freshers week and you’ve finally
started packing for your new life at University. And then the reality of moving into the
dorms hits you and you start to wonder ‘What do I actually need to bring to University?’ which is why we put this simple guide to show you
the dos and don’ts of what to bring to uni. So here’s your typical room at Exeter.
Everything you see here is what you get. Comfy bed, plenty of storage, desk, chair. So what else do you need? Bedding, alarm clock so you don’t miss your lectures, laptop, stationary, books, extension cables so you can plug in your laptop and printer and then posters to put on your notice board
to make it a bit more like home. You also might want some coat hangers so you can
hang your clothes, a couple of towels and then finally some cleaning products so
you can keep your room looking as fresh as the day you moved in. And there you go, as if by magic
your new room has gone from a blank canvas to your home away from
home. It’s also a good idea to stock up on a few basic health supplies;
just in case you get flu, upset stomach, cold, things like that. I’m sure there are a million things that you could
bring to university but as far as the essentials go that’s pretty much all you need. You must remember to bring a photo ID as well,
so that you can collect your keys. There’s two types of kitchen at the
University of Exeter. There’s the self-catered kitchen and
the catered utility room therefore what you need to bring depends
on which student accommodation you’re in. Behind me is the self-catered kitchen and you have everything you need to make
your special signature dishes. There’s an oven with hobs and a grill, a microwave, plenty of storage, a fridge and a freezer as well as the kitchen
table and chairs. When it comes to what items to bring for the
kitchen, the best advice I can give you is to bring just a few items to get you
through the first few days of uni. Obviously you want to bring some pots and a
pan, a couple of dinner plates, a bowl, some glasses, cutlery and a mug or too. But for the rest, wait and see what your
flatmates have brought this will stop you all from bringing all the
same things. It’s probably worth stocking up on a few cupboard essentials to get you
through your first few days at uni. A quick trip to the supermarket with your flatmates
just after you move in is a great idea. There are loads of supermarkets, local
speciality shops selling some great Devonshire produce as well as international stores selling
some familiar tastes from home. Over in the catered halls you have your utility room where you can prepare light lunches and snacks.
In these utility rooms you have a sink, a microwave and an ironing board and you also have a mini fridge in your room.
However I’d recommend bringing a few kitchen items with you such as a
kettle for drinks and snacks and a couple of lovely mugs
for a nice cup of tea. If you’re an international student you
need to think really carefully about what to bring to uni. The first rule
is not to bring too much with you. Feel free to bring your favorite clothes
like your national dress for special occasions but there are loads of great shops in Exeter so you can pick up anything you need
once you’re here. And you can always get your stuff
shipped over once you are here. It’s a good idea to bring
sensible footwear. Exeter campus is very hilly
so high heels and flip flops aren’t the most comfortable shoes
for getting around campus. You will need some bedding for your room.
You can buy this easily in Exeter. You can make things really easy for
your first few days by ordering a bedding pack from the university
online before you arrive. Being on the other side of the word to all
your friends and family may be a little daunting so it is always
good to have some pictures to remind you of your family and
friends. When it comes to the electrical equipment you bring with you,
remember that the equipment should be ideally new and in
good working condition. UK electrical appliances use a three pin plug If you bring electrical items with a different plug you will need an adapter. Remember that all electrical items must be safe for
use in the UK and must have a CE mark on them. If you
are struggling to get what you need the university offer a service where
you can buy ready-made essential packs. Check the accommodation
office website for details. There are a number of items that the university
asks you not to bring to uni. These are: candles, incense or any open flame due to the obvious fire risks, any additional
furniture, this is also a fire risk because it could
get in the way if you needed to get out quickly in an emergency. Chip pans are also strictly banned
due to the fire risk they pose, and heaters. There is really no right or wrong answer on
what to bring to uni, it’s all up to you. Don’t feel you need to
bring everything with you on your first day. As long as you have a few things
for your first few days, you’ll have plenty of time to get anything else you need.
Follow the advice in this video and you can’t go wrong.

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  1. Are those Printers in rooms given by the university/pre-placed in rooms? Or have they to be purchased by the students?

    Will you suggest buying for one's self? Thanks!

  2. What a stupid video! So you don’t need any toiletries or a towel? Yeah international students remember you can buy everything you need at Debenhams! What a joke!

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