What’s in it for me? Filing By Yourself

Hey, what’s in it for me? What’s up people? I’m Mark, and I’m here to point
out all the tax stuff out there that you can, and should,
take advantage of! Today, I want to talk
to you about D.I.Y-ing your tax returns.
DO-IT-YOURSELF! Thanks to the Internet, we’re
all now do-it-yourselfers… Right? Ahhhhhh! There are some things you
should never do yourself, and ear piercing is
definitely one of them. Come on, did you
really think I would? Now, a DIY project
that’s totally painless, and one we can all tackle is
preparing and filing your tax return by yourself. But, if you’ve never
done it before, you might be asking
yourself, why shouldn’t I wait until I’m an old-timer? Or, why should I stop my
parents from doing it? And, hey, what’s in it for me? What about the feeling of
incredible satisfaction and amazing accomplishment
of learning a new skill? Hmm? And, if you do it all online… What about all those
trees you’ll be saving? And the fact that you’ll get
your refund that much quicker. You can do it people! The CRA can help you
every step of the way. They’ll hook you up with
in-depth online info and videos on their “More time to chill” webpage at cra.gc.ca/youth. It makes claiming your benefits
and doing your taxes… So eeeee-asy! They’ll even give you listings
of tax preparation software that do all the calculations for you. All you have to do is
punch in the numbers. And some of the
software is even free! Furrrrr-eeeeeeeeee! Go to netfile.gc.ca/software
to find the freebies, and the ones you can buy. So once you’ve
done your taxes… Now what? You’ll want to hit the print
button, and reach for a stamp… Right? Wrong! You want your refund a.s.a.p. Who are we kidding? You need your refund! Like yesterday… But remember all those trees
you were going to save? Well, the best and fastest way
to send in your tax return is automatically online. The software will send
it directly to the CRA. Poof, like magic. It’s safe, secure and
environmentally friendly. And before you file your
return be sure to sign up with the CRA’s
direct deposit. Why? Because you can receive
your refund in as little as eight days! Yeaaaa-eh! Just one more reason to go
online every step of the way! So be a tax return D.I.Y-er. It’s something we all can do. So when you’re ready go
to cra.gc.ca/getready. And take that first step! If you’re ever stuck, you
can call the CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281. But I’m sure you can
rock it yourself.

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