Why is visual arts education important?

Art doesn’t have to be drawing something,
you know, super accurate or something that’s how life is. You can make it how you perceive it too. It’s almost therapeutic for me. It’s a beauty in the world that I think is
needed. Sometimes I get down, and then when I get
into art I’m, like, happy. It helps us understand the world more, I guess. I get to express how I feel, but I get to
learn new ways to express it. Art education balances out our system of education
so that children develop this inventive capacity in order to be able to do the things, to solve
the problems we don’t even know exist yet. Art is a really important piece of learning
that I think generally tends to fall out of many students’ curriculums. All my other AP classes are like, learn, learn,
learn, study, study, study. For this class it’s just, we draw. I call it a fun break because you can draw,
you can use your imagination. Art kind of helps me stay focused by giving
me a time when I can kind of let my mind drift off somewhere else. You can really go into ceramics and forget
about everything. And you can just work it out into the clay. I think that’s what the arts offer for a student
is kind of that way to be able to balance out their day. For them to be able to make something and
to be able to appreciate the process of making things. I just feel like it’s a way to kind of figure
out who you are and just kind of express yourself and discover yourself. They will come up with things that they didn’t
know they had inside when they’re working with art media. When I draw something really good it makes
me feel good about myself, that I’ve improved, that I try really hard. Kids have come back and have stated that this
class changed my life. It was really a time in my day that I really
felt like I was more like myself than any other time. A good majority of who I am is through art. It just kind of gets me back on track. It just kind of puts beauty into things and
you just kind of realize what you have when you have to take the time to look at it. Art really gives a deeper appreciation for
things that are around us. To be creative, to be able to express yourself
creatively, is just important as a human being. Everybody should have a way of doing that.

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