Why Life Sucks After College

Whether you like it or not, for most people
college is one of the best periods of their life. Its the place where you make a lot of friends,
party and finally have a little bit more freedom after spending 12 years in that high school
where you can only do what you are told. Of course, it has its cons as well, especially
when you have a lecture early in the morning, and there is no one to you wake up. Back in school your mom use to do that but
here in college you keep hitting that snooze button and when you finally wake up, you are
like: I am late anyway, what’s the point of going!
so you fall back to sleep. I understand that life can be a little bit
frustrating when you have to study, work and somehow manage to survive but the weirdest
part is what happens after graduation. You have two types of people on graduation
day. The ones who are excited. Finally, after so many years of education,
we are moving to the next stage in our life. On the other side, there are people who absolutely
don’t give a damn as if its just another day. They are just waiting for the ceremony (graduation)
to end so that they can get back to sleep. But, in general, a week or two after graduation,
everyone is stuck with the same question. Now what? You wanted to graduate as soon as possible
but now you have absolutely no idea what to do with your life. All these ideas and dreams that you had in
your mind back in college don’t seem that realistic now, you no longer even feel motivated
to pursue them. I get it, I went through the exact same thing. You don’t know what to do with your life. Everything you think about doesn’t seem
inspiring. You look around and you don’t want to end
up like everyone else working 9 to 5 and be miserable for the next 20 or 30 years. At the same time, you don’t have an alternative
option. And it’s not entirely your fault. For over 20 years, someone was planning on
behalf of you. The only decision you had to make after school
is what to major in. Once you are done with that, college takes
care of the rest. You know how exactly will go the next 4 years
of your life. You have an end goal in front of you and step
by step plan. You might not like it but you don’t feel bad
about it because everyone else follows it as well. Even if you are a bad student, you don’t feel
bad because, at the end of the day, you are all on the same ship heading in the same direction. As it has been in school. You didn’t even decide if you want to go to
school, your parents have decided that for you and like everything else, you gotta follow
the plan that’s in front of you. Suddenly after over 20 years of someone else
taking care of you, they give you a piece of paper that they call a certificate and
expect you to plan for yourself. It supposes be to a good thing but leads it
to a long cycle of depression because you have absolutely no idea what on earth you
should do with your life. With me, it lasted a couple of months before
I figured out what to do with my life but I have seen people spending years on that. You will try to find the ideal job that you
have in mind, but you most likely won’t find it. Every company that you passionately want to
work in will probably reject you. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur and being
independent will definitely cross your mind, but when you check your bank account (student
debt), you will change your mind. At some point, you will decide let me get
whatever job I can because I have bills to pay. Once I figure out what I really wanna do in
life. I will leave the job and my pursue my dream. But you will quickly find a comfort zone and
might never leave it. You will be busy with day to day things and
won’t find the time to be depressed again about what to do with your life. So no matter how bad you get depressed after
college, don’t be fooled by that comfort zone, because whatever you decide to do then will
have a long-lasting effect on the rest of your life. And if you have already done that, it’s never
too late to leave that comfort zone and give it another shot. So, good luck!

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  1. My life's goal is to survive until I die.. can't and won't be disappointed. Some days will suck. Some days will be a blast

  2. The narrator has obviously not realized a lot of people work 50 hours a week while trying to go to college. It sucks!!!

  3. 1. Sell a future that seems guaranteed
    2. Lock you into dept
    3. Force you to pay for that dept.
    4. Have children
    Repeat the cycle of slavery

  4. I feel this. Its been 2 years of doing what i thought was my dream after college and i feel more hopeless and depressed then I ever did because of school.

  5. I have been out of college for 15 years and NEVER ONCE did my college education help me get a job. I'm PISSED.

  6. It’s cas bums and whores dont wanna grow the fuck up and want to delay going into the real world as much as possible

  7. Retarded video. College or no college is irrelevant. If you don't have a reason for living then you're fu****d. I mean improve your body and mind or something besides a job. And of course STOP spending money on so much useless crap!

  8. I dont agree. Its not that bleak. You will be succesful in life its just that after college you start from the bottom once again and have to climb your way up. College gives you the opportunity and the tools to do that so you dont have to to stay at the bottom.

  9. My life after college started out brutal. 4 months to first part time job, 18 months to first full time job 22 months to first career, then got transferred 10 months later to a much better career. I succeeded, but it was long, hard work, and others weren't so lucky.

  10. Huh? No. You are not a victim. Is a shame that colleges are now creating perpetual victims. It’s called LIFE. How you deal w it will decide your happiness

  11. That's an obvious answer life sucks because you're working for someone else i.e. you work to give your money away

  12. Not bad.
    I hope not everyone is scared of going to school and getting out there.
    Depending on your major, school can be very demanding.
    So choosing hard or easy road is where most young people come to a fork(s) in the road.
    Personally, I choose the harder route. It’s more soul crushing, but it’s also rewarding and at least it makes you look forward to your future and makes you pay attention to your current situations.
    Don’t get too distracted, that’s all I gotta say. And don’t get “suckered “ by people who try to take advantage of you and your ignorance.
    Wisdom is the path to enlightenment
    Good luck!

  13. Hopefully, in my country, the government forces every man to serve in the military instead of thinking of what to do, and after army, you`re already a brainless idiot

  14. Am i the only one who doesn't mind a 9-5? I feel like as long as you like what you are doing or the work is interesting, then why hate it?

  15. Are you kidding? Life gets harder in college alone. You’re just sent off to an institution where you in debt up to your knees, and have no idea what you’re doing there.

  16. Some useful advice, unless you are absolutely sure what you want to do with your life after high school, DON'T attend college right away, you don't have to. It's good to have some ideas throughout high school though, of where the jobs are, and what is paying well these days. Work after high school (during is a good idea too), and see what interests you during that time.

    If you do wish to do college courses for a degree, take it from me, do it online if you are able. Sure, you won't have the "campus experience" as some say, but trust me, it is A LOT cheaper if you go that route, and the time flexibility is absolutely fantastic. I myself realized 2 years after college that I did not want to do what I went for, for the rest of my life. And I was pretty scared, especially because my folks paid for it. Luckily I had a talk with them, and my mom took note of what I was doing with my current job at the time, which was computer stuff. So in 2014, I decided to re enroll for this program for the fall semester of that year, and do it all online. They were more than happy with me going about that, but they did say that they weren't going to pay for it this time, and I 100% accepted that. I can honestly say with my job, I enjoy my interactions with my coworkers, and I have been putting money towards my loan even though I am not required to yet, that can only help me in the long run.

    Life after college is what you make of it. I am going to be 31 next week and so far, I can honestly say my 30s are better than my 20s. Don't get me wrong, having friends and a social life is very important too. But if you think college is strictly for partying and drinking? Don't say I didn't warn you when you finish and think your degree is worthless.

  17. Pick a job based off of how much you'll enjoy it/how passionate you are for it rather than how much money you'll make. You'll be happier

  18. College is a great experience and you learn about yourself during those 4 years. Also major in something that applies to the real world.

  19. Yeah, college just isn’t doin it for me. I’m a sophomore but I’m dropping out after this semester. Still will have over 7k to pay off, but like, I simply can’t stand the headspace of a student. I’m a very creative person and I have a lot of passions but unfortunately college only tries to put your passion in a box and it really is quite depressing for someone creative like me.

    Oh, and it’s a Christian school I go to. Which is a major problem because I’m pretty much an atheist now…

    Anyways the main point is basically don’t follow the crowd. I will be successful one day, and even if you don’t believe me that’s ok because I believe in myself 🔥

  20. Yeah had a blast in college.Graduated in 1990 economy really sucked .2 years later found a job in my field.After 4 years of staring at a computer said the hell with it .Got a job in an air conditioned shop building pumps.My 22 year anniversary is coming.Still glad I went to college though.

  21. I wasted many years of my life in school and college and found in the end that my life path is not at that direction. Now i am a small investor/businessman.

    I am planning to travel and enjoy knowledge, culture, friendships.

    Be very honest with yourself and ride the inner discovery
    The golden questions should be what is the most important goal for me. What i would do if i dont need money ? Say i have 100 million dolllars in my acc. (Dont tell me buying a car, i am askig about somthing you love doin regardless of paycheck)

  22. I got a better video idea:

    Why Life Sucks.

    I went the Navy route and hate it. I've wasted 4 years and have 3 left. I never did anything I was trained to do and feel so useless. Such a waste.

  23. It all depends on what you want to do. When you go to college to be a doctor or archaeologist like me life after will be hard at first but will become great once everything has settled.

  24. I didn’t like this video. He just described the meaninglessness of not knowing what you want to do with your life, struggling to make it through classes, and getting trapped in the comfort zone after landing your first job. It’s very hard to sympathize with such a man. A person like this should never go to university in the first place, and if you HAVE a comfort zone, it means you work a job that treats you well enough and pays you well enough to enjoy at least a decent life.

  25. What about loving the comfort zone? Not everyone has to be the next Uber CEO you know… There are a lot of Project Managers that work for him that earn good money.

  26. Found this video that showed up on my mentions and then I seen a video about Walden university about somebody getting their masters I will my bachelors late this year

  27. That's not true.. Life is depressing after college only if you don't pursue your dreams. The crowd will say "Live your life in the college because life sucks after it" but the crowd forgot how to chase dreams. While the successful people are out of the crowd. So it depends on the person

  28. BULLSHIT. College/University is bollocks when studying a scientific based course. No time for socialising and/or sleep, and absolutely no money. After Uni, you have money, more time, less studying and further room to grow in other areas. This video is BS.

  29. Man this is the life we human made, excuse me while I go to a remote island hunting and gathering just to live

  30. Man college is shit for me.
    Class, sleep, work and repeat
    I just want to graduate already. Now your telling me it sucks even more afterward. Wow life sucks so much

  31. If you're miserable at your job then why did you choose that career??? Your fault, should've done more research and not blame college for not preparing you

  32. The only way life after college sucks is if you arent doing what you love. Cruising through the courses and just going to parties will only prepare you for a 9-5 desk job. If you want success after college; you will find it

  33. Life will never get better. You gotta somehow, enjoy the current time. And if you don't want your life to totally suck after college, don't get married then.

  34. 2:00 well in India you don't even get to make the decision either,cuz it's pre-decided that it's either engineering or medical.

  35. The trick is to keep goals. Even if you're 80 years old you still need future goals. It's the only way to live. Speaking as someone who's never gone to college (which ironically is one of my goals).

  36. Nowadays college is bankrupting people and as soon as you graduate, you have a life in Dept that you have to give back and it continues to fuck you over with what you wanted to actually do with your life.

  37. LONG POST UPCOMING (and forgive me for the long post):

    Post college life has not been nice to me. At all.

    Graduated in December 2014. Left my college town (one of the top growing cities in my home state, good people, and places/things to see/do) and, out of circumstances, moved back to my hometown (currently experiencing population decline, some good people, but a lot of dumb/ignorant people, a lot of dysfunction and drama, active rumor mill, few job opportunities, and little to see/do). My mom hurt her ankle 2 weeks after I graduated high school and it took longer than expected to recover. It looked like her mobility was just about back (had been getting around with a walker during the 2nd half of college), but she hurt her back 2 weeks after graduating college, which set her back.

    The first year back was hard mentally and emotionally. It was hard being cut off from my college friends (I was a part of a campus ministry and loved it and everyone in there; it's the greatest blessing God has given me; I was a mess before God led me to them). I developed post-college depression. There were some homicides that took place during the summer of 2015 in my hometown. Hardly anyone I was with in high school was still in my hometown. It was both good and bad. Good news was I didn't have to worry about being picked on and being rubbed the wrong way. Bad news is that I became lonely. I visited my college town several times during the first year and a half following college. When I was up there visiting, it was as if I never left. At home, it feels like the college years never existed/happened.

    I was becoming less motivated to do things. My hometown is more of a complacency zone than a comfort zone. As time went on, I didn't eat much. Overall, the only time I ate was during supper. Didn't feel like eating prior to that time of the day. Stopped going to the gym as 2015 went on, though I was only going once a week during the early portion of the year. Those two things are why I started to lose weight. Made it as low as 178 lbs. (was 201 lbs when my final semester started; down to 192 at the end, mainly because the HPER was being redone and the work wasn't finished until the final weeks of the semester). Stayed up later and later as the first couple of yrs progressed (roughly started off going to bed at 2:30 and it got to 5 AM after a year +). Ended up getting up and starting my day around 2-2:30 once I started going to bed at 5 AM. I made it a goal to try to find a job in my hometown and get a career going after coming back (didn't work in college; would've struggled to balance school and work and likely would've flunked out), but it didn't happen. It was a combination of me not pushing hard enough, living in a small town (obviously, it's really challenging to find work in small towns), not getting to the interview stage concerning the few jobs I applied for, and my mom's mobility problems keeping me from looking in other areas. During the first few months back, I came across a number of memes on Facebook talking about employers expecting 20-somethings to have X number yrs of experience for entry-level jobs and how employers think bachlor's degrees aren't enough. The Schick razor commercial featuring the guy at the job interview was on TV several times during that time. After July 2015, I had basically no motivation to look for work. Even my sister in law chewing me out and yelling "just do it" at me over finding a job the day after New Years 2016 did little to turn things around (in fact, that made me more discouraged).

    The second year was, mentally, a little more stable. Despite some of the political/SJW drama, 2016 was kind of a decent year for me. Some stress was still there and there was a homicide in my hometown at the start of the year, but it wasn't as bad as 2015. My grandmother fell in her driveway and despite getting concussed (and the hospital failing to discover it), she was okay. I was able to get some motivation going again as far as looking for work, but couldn't get to the interview stage. Then when 2017 arrived, things took an unexpected detour. Ultimately, my mom's slow recovery from that ankle injury was a sign of something more severe and that something was why God brought me back to my hometown after graduating. She would've been up creek without a paddle if I wasn't there. The caregiving duties got bumped up as a result. A LOT went on during 2017 and most of last year regarding that. For the last 8 months, she's been immobile. Had a 2nd ankle injury, but unlike the 1st, no surgery was needed. She's only driven twice since then and I've had to help her use the bathroom via a potty chair. I'm her lone caregiver and I'm currently going through caregiver burnout. There's no one to relieve me. Can't be out of the house too long. Can't go out of town. Have to get up a couple of times during the night to help my mom use the bathroom. If I was working, I wouldn't be available for her and she would be in the nursing home as a result. I tried getting a summer job in 2017 and I heard I had a good shot at landing it, but didn't get it. Ultimately, it was a blessing in disguise.

    As far as what I want to do with my life, I don't really have a plan. All I want to do is not take care of my mom (or really, not do anything regarding caregiving and family) and have a home, job, and wife in my college town. Being 26, single, unemployed, and taking care of an elderly parent in a small town sucks. It sucks even more with many friends from high school and college having jobs, spouses, and (in some cases) kids and you're left in the dust and there's literally nothing you can do. I'm hoping I'm not unemployable and forever single.

    There's three morals to this story:

    1. Keep God first and keep the faith. As bad/challenging as everything has been, I'm thankful God has been the glue that's held me together. Otherwise, I probably would've killed myself by now. I am thankful that my mom is doing better compared to others and compared to where she had been physically in recent yrs (please pray for her and myself). And to add on, my circumstances have been good compared to others I know. Two classmates have died since I came home (1 in 2015, the other nearly a yr ago). One friend from high school got into a boating accident that crippled him 2 yrs ago. A classmate got into a coma a yr and a half ago and has been dealing with seizures. And 8 people I was with in high school and college (technically 11 when siblings are included) lost a parent last year.

    2. If your college town is 10x or 100x better than your hometown and if you're a better version of yourself in your college town compared to your hometown, stay in your college town (if circumstances allow it).

    3. (mainly because I'm a millennial caregiver) DON'T wait until 40 to have kids (my parents were in their early 40s when I was born). Your kids will be at risk of starting their adult lives taking care of you instead of getting out of the nest and getting their careers/families going if you wait.

  38. mechanical engineering major here, my life already sucks. in ready to work and make money studying for my classes is sometimes more intense than having a full time job.

  39. I'm 31 yrs old I went to college and I'm still unable to get a steady job in my field, college is just a trap if u really think about it.

  40. I have never been to college..i drop out in 8th grade, i realized then school dont teach us how to make money..now i live in my dreams.

  41. When I graduated college and began my full-time job I felt like I was ripped from the Matrix. The comfortable, coddling bubble that is K-12 and then college was completely destroyed. I was completely lost. College might prepare you intellectually for the job duties of your field, but it does an incredibly poor job of preparing you for LIFE.

  42. After college my buddies and I will build some business so we wont suffer some desk job.
    IF that fails there is always the US Marine Corps or Blackwater, I'd rather be KIA in Iraq than having a boring and pointless desk job atleast you will have a nice funeral and remembered as a fallen hero.

  43. Schools and colleges are factory to manufacture a garbage man. You can't get billionaire after studying a 12hr a day what taught in college or school. It's a trap!

  44. What do you mean life sucks after college? I found life sucks after the 3rd semester of college

  45. after a school if u dont have a lot of talent witch is 99% of people, your life suck lets face it

  46. "A man's life is what his thoughts make of it"
    – Marcus Aurelius

    It's easy to think about the negative looking forward in your future and if you let those negative thoughts guide you then those same thoughts are more likely to come true. I just graduated High School so I can't say I have much real-world advice but I do believe having a plan and letting positivity fill your thoughts will make living more enjoyable.

  47. I am living this same life right now. I want to get out of the job I took thinking I will move when I get my dream job. But Still STUCK HERE!. Thanks I hope its never too late

  48. After I graduated from University, I felt so much better. Despite majoring in a worthless degree, I am just glad I left that cesspool of iniquity. I literally felt like I have been left from Hell itself (yes, it was that bad).

  49. My, what a depressing comment section. I know everyone wants to be a rock-star, but a college education or training still is an important factor for success. Look at those of us who do not have that, I bet your life looks a better now!

  50. Whenver I see my school or college it feels like I am Playing Pubg in real life and I am in map called as School then We have all squads who destroys all teachers and principals in the school

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