Why mobile learning?

[Music] [Narrator]: Technology alone is not enough.
Faster. Thinner. Lighter. Those are all good things. But when technology gets out
of the way, everything becomes more delightful. Even magical. That’s when you
leap forward. [Woman]: Here’s Chris. Who are you going
to play with today at playtime? Can you show us? Who are you going to play with?
[Computer Voice]: Peter. [Woman]: You’re going to play with Peter? [Computer voice]: My name is Melissa. This
is my first video. Using this speaking device– Using my speaking device on this machine
allows me to have a voice. I just wanted
to show all my all my friends on Facebook.
Especially all of those people who don’t understand me. I hope you now will
never doubt…faith…me. Again. And my speaking player left now. I also want to
say to all of my friends on Facebook… I love you. [Howard Shane, PhD]: Assisting children
with Autism to communicate is a rather complicated process. The iPad is absolutely
part of our clinical practice here. The screen size gives us enough real estate to
be able to create materials and applications that are meaningful to them. We know
we’re not curing Autism, but we’re offering a tool that improves the potential of a
person with autism. It gives them more opportunities to be better communicators,
to be better understanders, to be better learners. The iPad is clearly the next
step. It’s a game changer. [Shannon Des Roches Rosa]: I define a
miracle as something that comes in and changes your life for the better that you
did not expect. You know, that you never thought could happen. When Leo was first
diagnosed with autism it really knocked me sideways emotionally. And just to think
things would be difficult for my child, I mean you never want anything to be difficult
for your child. It’s hard for Leo to be independent, it’s hard for him to self
direct. But with the iPad, you know, it just makes him happy and independent, and
he didn’t have that ability before. This is something that my son can do, you know?
He doesn’t need me. I don’t want him to have to need me all the time. So… [John Connolly]: The Chicago Public Schools
is the third largest school system in the country. It is difficult to keep kids
motivated in school and keep them engaged in the curriculum materials. What we’re
seeing with the iPad is that they are engaged. We put the iPad in front of them,
and you’ll see the kids immediately focus right on that content and start working
through it. In a short amount of time we’re seeing gains as high as 50 to 60 percent
in reading, math, and science with our classrooms using the iPads. I really believe
this is the future of education. [Teacher]: Jeff’s at school. Tessie? Is
Tess at school? [Child]: Tessie [indistinct]
[Teacher]: Tessie is here. The girl Tessie sat? The girl Tessie sat in school? Yes?
[Children]: Yes! [Computer voice]: Yes.
[Teacher]: Yes, well done. [Woman]: What would you like to say to
everybody, Chris? [Computer voice]: Special occasions. I would
like to say thank you. [Chris]: Happy. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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