Why University

It’s hard to choose a university when
they’re all throwing prospectuses at you you can look at the price of a pint how many takeaways you have to choose
from, or how far you have to walk to the student bar all important sure, but what you should
be doing is looking for the right course for you. In any case these days a lot of
people are questioning whether higher education and university is worth it in
the first place everyone’s got an opinion but there is
only one person who can really answer that question and that’s you. You should consider how
higher education will benefit you and that’s all about what we like to
call your broader development as a person There are three main areas you’ll
experience the benefits academically, social and personally a degree isn’t just a piece a paper you get a lot more out of it, you’ll raise
your level of knowledge and understanding and make yourself more
attractive to potential employers but do you need a qualification? Well jobs in the UK are increasingly
demanding graduate level skills teaching and nursing roles are now
automatically requiring you to be a graduate Being a graduate will mean that you’ve got
a better chance of career progression too you’re less likely to reach the ceiling
where by your salary can’t increase anymore University can be good for picking up
real-world experience particularly at somewhere like
Staffordshire where you can learn from people who’ve been there and done it. On average a graduate will
earn around £160,000 more in their lifetime which varies by subject you decide to
study ultimately your degree is preparing you
for the workplace without some form of higher education
qualification you’ll be more than twice as likely to
be unemployed. University is great for social
development as there’s probably a lot of stuff you
haven’t experienced yet there’s one thing you don’t need to
worry about though and that’s making new friends Of course it’s not all work, work, work
you can get to meet lots of new people there are always plenty of events and
activities to make the most of the first week of uni though, freshers week
is the best time to sign up for societies, sports and clubs with people who are into the kind of
things that you are. At Staffordshire we have plenty for all types poker, amatuer dramatics, extreme gardening TV production. Just because you’re a
student doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away in the library full of
books you will go out and have a good time it’s
all about striking a good balance between sorting out your work and having
an an awesome social life. Most people who
attend university would agree that it has a tremendous affect on your personality and
confidence Uni is good for letting you find out what
kind of person you are and you’ll experience a lot you’ll be
out there in the big wide world having to think on your own two feet from your time management where you’ll
have to make sure you turn up to lectures on time and hit you deadlines to domestic skills
like cooking and cleaning there will be no more mum washing your
clothes, if you move out anyway it’s good to have your own independence
and no nagging but being independent doesn’t
mean you have to be on your own if you stay in halls you make friends
quicker and you’re usually closer to the action many students find it better living in
halls for the first year and then renting privately afterwards
you also spend some of your time learning in groups and working together whether that’s
delivering presentations or researching in the library uni is also good for letting you make
your own decisions and understanding went to watch your
pennies we have a whole separate film on looking
after your wallet so make sure you catch that There over 350 high education
institutions including a 128 universities in the UK alone quite a few then chose your course before this city it’s
more important to think about what a course is going to bring you first consider it carefully visit it on Open Days don’t just look at pictures consider placement opportunities and ask
about those you can even take a peek at the
employment statistics and find out how many graduates get actual jobs. The new Staffordshire Graduate
Pledge promises our students that they will
leave University with not just a qualification but a set
of skills and real-world experience that will help them get a job. There are
a few things you can look at to help you decide on a course you want to study check whether it has professional
accreditation, Staffordshire University industry partnerships mean our courses are recognised across a
wide range of industries make sure you’re happy with the ways
you’ll be assessed there’s a big difference
between exam base academic study and vocational course work doing
something out of your comfort zone can be beneficial check out the team who’ll be teaching you.
Many of them will have industry background with hands-on
practical experience be flexible with your ideas of where you
want to study and concentrate on researching the right course for you one last thing to bear in mind by the
way after university many people use the general skills they’ve acquired during
their study along with their graduate status to
follow careers that aren’t directly related to the subject they’ve been
studying so you aren’t necessarily making a choice
for the rest of your life

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