WORK OUT with Cirque du Soleil | ‘O’ Synchronized Swimmer Training and Exercises | CIRQUE IT OUT #9

Hi, I’m Laurie Hernandez.
Welcome back to Cirque It Out direct from Cirque du Soleil
in Las Vegas. Today, we’re Cirquing It Out at “O”,
one of Cirque’s most celebrated shows. If you haven’t seen “O”
yet, you definitely should. The stage itself is
amazing and so unique. The stage transforms into a
pool for aquatic performances. You have to see it to believe it. Ready to work out the CirqueWay? A huge part of the
Cirque du Soleil show “O” takes place in the water. Some of the performers in
the show have backgrounds in competitive aquatic sports like the artist who inspired
today’s workout, Michelle. – Hi Michelle.
– Hi. Michelle is a world class
synchronized swimmer. She is going to be put
through the paces by Performance Conditioning
Specialist Leland Barker. – What’s up?
– What’s up. Synchronized swimming requires a
unique set of athletic skills. Keeping those skills sharp is
the basis of today’s workout. Let’s Cirque It Out. [Cirque It Out] The synchronized swimmers at “O” spend
a lot of time sculling and egg-beating in addition to the
obvious one, swimming. This workout will focus on strength and
mobility followed by conditioning. We are targeting the hamstrings,
glutes and adductors with proper lumbopelvic rhythms to develop strength and
mobility for the egg-beater. We are targeting upward and
downward scapular rotators with proper scapulohumeral rhythms as support demands for
swimming and sculling. We’ll finish our strength
work with push pulls, an exercise I use to train the
internal and external obliques for rotational strength
through the spine. And for conditioning, the sled-push
will target the lower extremity. So are you ready to work out? – Yes, let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. [Lower Body Exercises] [Split Cable RDL] So the first
exercise is the split cable RDL. Michelle is gonna grab the
ropes at a low position and she’s gonna keep and
maintain her posture. Essentially we’re
targeting the adductors, the inner thighs, which is important for egg-beating
in synchronized swimming. Here we’re looking
for light weights, it’s kind of a gentle stretch. Too far of a split is
not going to work. We need the legs to be
kind of at a 45° angle. We do a couple more here. I’m looking for her hips
to kind of drive forward and basically get her a good
stretch in the adductors. Nice job, Michelle. [Trap Bar Deadlift] This is our first
exercise, a primary strength exercise: a trap bar deadlift. We’re gonna do 3 sets of 5
today, so go ahead. We’ll talk about some of the
main points I’m looking for. The major one:
keep your back straight. I’m always looking for people to keep a
good posture—Michelle does a great job— and then I’m looking for them
to drive their hips forward early in the movement and really move up as
quickly as they can. Nice, Michelle. Well done. [Goblet Squat]
This exercise is the goblet squat. It’s a basic squat movement
and we use it in our warmup. I’m gonna have you do
a set of 10, okay? So, in this exercise, they’re holding
the kettle ball close to the chest. It’s out in front, it allows them to get
a good stretch in their hips, ankles, and it’s generally an easy way to
teach people the squatting movement. Here again, I’m looking
for a good posture, looking for them to find a
position where their knees are pointing in the direction
that their toes are pointing. Last one here. Nice, Michelle. [Upper Body Exercises] [Cable Pullover] So now we’re gonna
move into our upper body exercises. This is the cable pullover. I’m gonna
have Michelle do 2 sets of 10. This exercise I find especially
useful for swimmers, and what I’m looking for is
for her to keep her abs tight and allow her lats to stretch
as the cable goes up. This is gonna be a good
exercise to target your lats, the long head of the triceps and basically the major muscles
that are used for swimming. Michelle is doing a nice job here. I’m looking for her
to stretch it out. So let that stretch
out with the lats, then we’re pulling the
cable towards our hips. A lot of times some people
will start bending their elbow and we want to keep the elbows
pretty locked out in this exercise. Nice job, Michelle. [Curl and Press]
Here is the curl and press. We’re gonna do a couple of
variations in this set, so we’ll do a set of 10. She’s gonna do 2 of them straight. So we’re just getting a curl
and a press and trying to look for an upward rotation
of the scapula here. And now she’s gonna do a
couple with her body. This is a way for me to add some
explosiveness to the movement and allow people to
learn good technique to get the weight overhead. You want to do one more. Nice, Michelle. [Push Pull] Laurie is gonna
join us for this last exercise. It’s one of my favourite
ones, called the push pull. You guys are gonna do a set of 10, okay?
[1 set of 10] The cue for this one I give is keep
your belly button pointing forward, allow your ribcage to spin. It’s gonna allow us to train the
internal and external obliques for a pretty high
level of strength. You can put these
weights pretty high. I’m looking for a good posture and just make sure
to do both sides. Nice job, you two. Well done. – Already sore. [Conditioning] [Sled Push/Pull] This is our dreaded sled
push and drag we use for conditioning. So Michelle is gonna push this
down, back, down and back. We’re shooting here for
about 20 seconds of work and then I’ll allow full recovery. There’s plenty of time
combinations you can do, but we’re looking to get a
good lower extremity burn so we’re looking for the glutes,
the hamstrings, the quads, the calves—they’ll all be
feeling it at the end of this. Nice job, Michelle. Another alternative is,
if you have carpet, you can grab a piece of cardboard and you can kind of push
it along the floor. That’s another way to provide
some horizontal resistance. [Cooldown] At the end of the workout, it’s good to cool down, slow
down, get ready for the show. We like to use some
foam rolling and… – Sorry Lee, I gotta
go—it’s showtime! We’ll see you next time. We hope you
enjoyed it—let’s Cirque It Out! [Cirque It Out
A Fitness Series by Cirque du Soleil] That was quite a workout. We hope you try it again, and
we hope that it helps you to be the best that you can be. Don’t forget to get active with
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  1. This #WorkoutWednesday, we're getting fit with 'O'' synchronized swimmer Michelle Theriault! Do you love her workouts as much as we do?

  2. These videos are so informative, thank you so much. I’ve slowly been incorporating what I learn here into my personal routines and am seeing a definite improvement in mobility and strength.

  3. Obviously the CDS performers are uber fit but I was surprised at the widespread use of weights by all the artists. Michele is a doll.

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