Year 12s attend Cambridge University Summer School

It’s been exhilarating,
it’s been fun! I thought everyone’s really friendly and can
help you out whenever you need any help. Completely different way of learning
for me which I really enjoyed. It’s been surreal you know, having a
look at all the colleges. At first, I didn’t really
want to take part because I just thought like summer school?
School in the summer? I’m trying to relax in the summer! Now I’m here, I’m so glad
that I actually made this because it’s not just about lecturing
and the actual academic side like yeah that’s cool but it’s more of the actual contact
that you make with the people here. We’re taking part in this simulation game where we basically take control of the British economy. We were adjusting things like tax and government
spending and monetary policy and we were seeing how we could bring
the economy to a better place. [heated debate] [laughs] It’s been pretty animated,
you’d be surprised! [heated debate] [utter shock] [laughs]
What did you do?! Well there were ups and downs so we’d get
really excited when we do well but then you change one thing it will go wrong
and then all of a sudden we’re like: ‘oh we’ve done it wrong,
what shall we do now?’ But then we work together
and figure out a solution. The professors who have
been teaching here for like 30, 40, going on
50 years sometimes they give you that certain respect,
like they look you in the eye even when you might ask like
a seemingly trivial question they’ll sit down with you, they’ll look you
in the eye, they’ll explain everything. We’re on the right track guys! Ah you’re photogenic. And then you go over it with one
final wipe to sort of sterilise it That’s it! Okay, so now have a go It’s just really from
the top and really… I didn’t think it’d be
as hands-on like we’re doing loads of things with
the horses, we’ve done dissections. I thought that the Sutton Trust would
give me, not only an advantage or something to talk about like
my personal statement but also give me a bit
of an experience about what it’s like,
not only at a university but also what the course is like and
how it’s taught here at Cambridge. It’s nice to do it at
a normal pace instead of being limited
to 60 minutes… yeah, it’s nice to get back
into doing some Python I haven’t done it in a while. It’s kind of reassuring me
on what I already know I already know Python but in this course
we’re going more into depth and I’m re-learning the basics. Because I don’t study it at A-level
and I didn’t study it at GCSE either I’m a bit behind compared
to everyone else so I thought it’d be a good way to like
enhance my knowledge on the subject. I’ve always been interested in engineering but also arts and I didn’t want to choose
either or, I wanted to do both so architecture was a
really good in-between. Since we arrived, we’ve done
multiple different plans so we did floor-plans and
like cross-through plans. Elevation, axonometric, isometric,
section drawings which are all like front view,
bird’s-eye view, everything mapping around a picture, which is
mapping a building in different perspectives. [students playing own composition] We have done a composition workshop and we literally met the people on
Monday, only a couple of days ago and now we can create
a 2-minute piece together. We only just met but it actually
feels like we met for ages I made some really good friends. I don’t really know many people
who go to Oxbridge and I don’t even know some
people who go to university so the idea of coming to
Cambridge felt like a dream but now I’ve been here
and experienced it and I know I can participate
in the lectures and things I feel like if I put my
heart and soul into it not to be cheesy then I have a chance.

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