Year in Review 2019 | Washington University

At Washington University we are a bridge between past present and future doctors may one day be able to diagnose Alzheimer’s with a simple blood test to be admitted undergraduate student who is Pell eligible will be able to attend Washington University free of charge it’s really the gift that keeps on giving because we can continue to analyze them with techniques that weren’t even dreamed of when Apollo 11 launched fifty years ago [Music] I want each and every one of you to know that we chose you because you belong here 100 million dollars for 10 years for incoming medical students for the 2019 2020 school year at the Washington University School of Medicine I’m so proud to help open the doors of Washington University’s engineering school wider for everybody thank you very much [Music] hi I’m Bob Costas I’m pleased to be part of this effort that’s celebrating st. Louis’s ongoing role in the Olympic movement the world needs you more than ever congratulations and good luck [Music] so today is a giant festival just celebrating writing what they’ve done over nearly a quarter of a century to build this place to what it is today to what we are for our students and that needed to be celebrated I now present to you the 15th Chancellor of Washington University and Rudy Martin friends it is clear we’re making amends strides I view my role as your 15th Chancellor to increase our momentum and help build bridges to our shared future in order to continue this work though we need to do it together it’s going to take all of us to roll up our sleeves and commit ourselves to the collective work ahead all for the sake of our mission to improve lives in service of the greater good [Music] you

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