Zomika’s First Kiss 💋 | School of Rock | #TBT

So, how’d the research go? Oh, it turns out a lot of love songs
are about kissing. Maybe we should start
with a kissing lyric. Ok. Kissing songs. Well, what about this? Your lips are my key to paradise. Like pizza. Wish I could grab a slice. [laughing] Is that any good? It did kind of make me sick. That means it’s working! [laughing] Do you think kissing really
does make people fall in love? – Maybe.
– I wonder when I’ll have my first kiss. Oh, oops. Well, that… Was sooner than I expected. [laughing] So, should we talk about… – The what?
– The song. Yes, the song!
Good. Great idea! Um, we were figuring out
what it was like – to be in love.
– In love? For the song. Wow, is that the time? Well, my mom’s making kiss-roast. She said to be home by kiss-thirty. [laughing] Yeah, I have a thing to do too. So let’s totally get back
to doing this love song soon. – I’m so into it.
– You are? [laughing] Me too! – Nothing’s on my mind more.
– It is? Well, bye pal. Later… buddy. [laughing] I’m telling you. She like-likes me. [laughing] That makes no sense. Who would like you? [laughing] What’s that supposed to mean? I’m just saying no one
would kiss you on purpose. There, don’t you feel better? No! You’re hurting my feelings. [laughing] I just want things to go back
to the way they were before Tamika was chasing after me. Just in case. – I brought this.
– What’s that? Skunk juice. One spray and I’ll smell so disgusting,
no one will ever come near me. But I only want to use it
as a last resort. I think you should just
pretend the kiss never happened. – You think that’ll work?
– I don’t know. [laughing] Why’d you do that? Do what? You just spit lemonade
all over my face! No I didn’t. You totally– Oh… – I get it.
– Get what? [laughing] That could work.
Plus… I got her some chocolate milk
as a peace offering. Look, there’s only one way to solve this. Kiss all your friends. That way you’re on
an even playing field. I’m ready. [laughing] Hold it for five seconds,
or it doesn’t count. [laughing] I’m not going to kiss you. [laughing] Now whose feelings are hurt? [laughing] Uh, what’s going on? Well, we were supposed to have
the sixth grade Mozart Festival, but Gary the janitor has the only key
to the auditorium and he’s out sick. Hmm, well if it’s helpful, I know a guy who can get into any lock. A locksmith? Not professionally. [laughing] [laughing] Mind if I join you? Why would I mind? [laughing] What’s that? Oh, this? This is just my new head gear. My orthodontist said
I only have to wear it during school. And after school song writing. And certain lunches. [laughing] Oops.
What was that? My term paper on Shakespeare. Oh. [laughing] My back really hurts, or I’d pick it up. You gonna pick it up? Nah, I’ll just write another one. [laughing] Look, I just wanna say that I’m glad were friends.
Just very special friends. I got you a little something to show you
how much I like being… your friend. [laughing] No, no need for gifts, really. I just wanna get back
to the song writing. – Me too!
– I think this thing you and I are doing is making something magical happen. No, no, no magic! I have no choice. Breath spray? [screaming] Skunk mouth! [laughing]

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